Crepe Myrtle spring work

This is a follow up from the forum QA a couple of weeks ago. I got it potted up and did the first structural pruning. I’ll probably let it grow unhindered for some time to get some taper into the transitions and hopefully help heal the scars.

Any suggestion or crepe myrtle tips are welcome!

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Still have what looks like a cluster of three on the right hand side. You may want to address that to avoid swelling and inverse taper. Yours looks a lot like the crape myrtle I’m going to be working as well. What did you use for soil?

Thanks! For soil I used roughly equal parts: lava, pumice, akadama, diatomaceous earth, and pine bark fines. It ends up being pretty similar to a 1:1:1, but with a bit more water retention because… Texas.


Nice. I plan on using akadama, pumice, DE and bark as well. I need to find a good source of bark though. I’m sifting it out of bags of “top soil” from Lowe’s. Where do you get yours? Also, if Texas perhaps a hint of mesquite would be good. :rofl:

At my local nursery (Fannick’s Nursery) they sell a soil amendment that is pure pine bark. The size is extremely variable so it is not meant for bonsai. It needs to be sifted, and only about 40-50% of it is between 1/16 and 1/2 inch. I use that portion for bonsai and put the rest in a garden bed.

Before that, I was buying bark from bonsai jack. It is pricey but pre-screened, uniformly sized, and great quality. I might use that for trees in refinement one day, but the sifted bark is doing well for my trees now.

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