Can I dig a pine in the fall?

I have found a great Austrian Pine that I want to dig. I’m afraid that if I don’t get it now someone else will. (I do have permission to dig on this site) Do you know if I can dig a pine in the fall going into a Kansas winter, could be really cold

Do it right before your first frost, get the biggest root ball, do not bare root, pot into 100% pumice, protect it from freezing either by greenhouse or on the ground with loosely placed mulched. Good Luck :+1:t2: :evergreen_tree:

Thank you! I give it a try!


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@G_Mo , how did this work out?

In my area, province of Quebec, most collectors prefer the month of September for pines. Just protect them from freezing afterwards.

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I didn’t get back to it but it is still there and I still have permission to dig on site. I’ll post the updates.

Thank you for posting this question @G_Mo. I have the same thing going on here. Going to collect a pine that the city gave me permission to remove. good luck with yours and let us know how it goes and l’ll do the same!