Job site yamabori

there is this tree on my job site that I wanna keep from being destroyed.i got permission to take the tree but is this a bad time to risk it.what kind of material do you plant a tree that has just been collected into.the tree is very old and large the pic doesn’t do it justice it 4ft tall with 6in trunk.what do yall think???

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Get as many roots as you can (you probably have the equipment on site) and plant in a box that just contains the roots using pumice. Autumn is actually not a bad time to collect if you can provide some winter protection since it is cooling off and trees do quite a bit of vascular growth including roots at this time of year.


If I can’t find any pumice right now is perlite ok and should it go straight into the green house or wait a month or 2 I’m in florida

What part of FL? Being in FL you may not need to greenhouse it at all. It will need protection from freezing temps. Pumice is best, but I think perlite is ok, in a pinch. It is very lightweight so it is easily disturbed when you water. As @MartyWeiser the key will be to get as large a rootball and as many roots as you can. It is going to be heavy and unstable once you get it out of the ground. You will need help to move it, ideally you will will place it once and not move it again for a year.
Good luck.

I have lots of pumice.
Probably not economical to ship such a large quantity

Is this enough roots.i live in Jacksonville and I gonna have to build a box to put it in.


That’s what you’ve got, so it’ll have to be enough :smiley:

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It looks like their is plenty of healthy foliage to drive energy to rebuild the root system :+1:t2:
Junipers energy is in the foliage, so I will give a good chance of survival :metal:t2: :smiley: :christmas_tree:

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It’s a nice tree. I hope it survives. Good luck and keep us posted!

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put it in morning sun or partial shade and mist the foliage daily.