Buttonwood design question

Hi, this is one of the craziest buttonwood design I have created. I would like to have you opinion and input what I can do to maximize the potential of the tree.
Regards .
Bernie from the Dom. Rep.


To maximise the impact of the design I would decide on the final angle that you want the piece of wood to be at. Then I would drill a hole for as large and long a metal pin as you can get away with. From there the pin needs to be welded onto a metal plate. That way you ban put the metal plate into a suiban and cover it with sand.

Russ Farley in the UK has done that and it was shown in the 20 Trophy in Belgium in 2019.

Of course this is all of the assumption your rootball is in the top right of your picture!

My root ball is right where the tree makes contact with the wood box

Could you hide the rootball behind the tree and make a floating bonsai with no visible roots? Probably would mean a horticultural challenge though.

Not really too much of a horticultural challenge. You can use a plastic mesh to provide a solid frame for the substrate to be held or you could make a soil parcel with hessian. Either way you can cover with moss and this will also help hold some water.