Brown needles and black moss?

Two ponderosa pines and a blue spruce have brown needles with black buds and the sphagnum moss and green moss surface treatment has turned black! I have moved them into quarantine and treated with fungicide. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Not confident they will survive but want to protect other trees. :worried:

Hi @Bonsai_bob
Do you have any pictures?
Acid will kill moss quickly. Where were the pots situated?
I had a similar problem once, turned out it was cat pee.

Placed on stands on a raised deck with 6 to 8 hours sunlight. No cats at our house, but woodland and prairie surrounding us. I have removed the moss covering and reduced water to see if they will recover.
:pensive: believe they are lost.

Not good. :cry:
Autopsy time to try to find out what has killed them. Certainly something more serious than cat pee. Please let us know what you find.

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