Is this tip blight? 😒

If so, how do I treat it? Mankozeb?

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Hi @Bonsai_Bentley
How old are those needles? The fresh ones look okay?

Probably a 2-3 years old. I grew this from a seed and it’s 3 years old. I’m hoping that it’s just dropping old needles, but figured I’d make sure that it’s not something else.

Possibly overwatered? Or just losing old needles? Read this blog from Michael Hagedorn.

The soil in your photo looks really dark to me.

It has been raining a lot lately and it’s not in the best soil. I’ll be putting it into a colendar/pond basket this spring in a 1:1:1 soil. Thanks for the link!

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It would be healpful to know what kind of pine it is. Probably fall needle drop.
You are in South Carolina. Never see winter there. Hopefully it is a local acclimated pine species. Looks like white pine (?), or red pine.
I use a palative antifungal in the fall. Now would be a good time there. Keeps the new spring buds from being infected IF it is a needle fungus. COVER your soil. You WANT the mycorhiza there.


Oops, sorry. Japanese black pine. Good call on covering the soil. I guess an old grocery store bag will do.

If you have any of those akadama bags left over, those make good rain skirts too. Hold up a little better than a grocery bag.

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