JBP needle yellowing

Any idea what is going on here? I suspect some type of infection. Already used Daconyl once and just bought some Mancozeb. I figure there’s tons of experience out there and would really appreciate your thoughts. My first JBP. Thanks.

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Have you read this blog by Michael Hagedorn?
Attention to browning being similar throughout the foliage, or present as green/ yellow / red banding and uneven browning can help with the diagnosis.

Do you allow dormancy in your climate? The testing of soil for wetness is important to ensure not overwatering.
Good luck with the pine! I bought several JBP at a nursery and over wintered them outside in sub freezing winters. Only one survived, but I learned from the experience to treat the strongest one with care to ensure I did not kill it with kindness.
Do you have any other pines?
If one has needle cast it will often be passed to others that are in the same area.

Have fun, learn lots, share what you learn with others.


Thanks, Bob. I check moisture with a meter before watering but it’s still in the original medium I got it in, a heavy, brick colored and compact soil that seems to retain moisture quite well, although it drains well. It weighs a ton! I slip potted it into a colander, filling in the rest with d.e. (i.e. cat litter) and can’t wait to repot. I noticed the Daconil didn’t “stick” to the needles. Do you think it needs a surfactant? And do you think it would be safe to use concurrently with mancozeb?
I keep all my trees outdoors and let them “go with the flow”. I live in the Cal. central valley so our weather here is quite mild, although winters can dip to or below freezing at times but right now the weather is springlike, (my maples are still green) so I still feed lightly. And yes, this is my first and only pine.
Again; thank you for taking the time to help out.

Are there pine in the surrounding landscape? Not sure what landscape material is popular in your area. I do not remember pine trees on my few visits to your area. The question about fungicides makes me think that you believe it is wilt and not over watering? If I use fungicide I alternate them, not using concurrently. Daconil is preferred to treat needle cast. I lost several ponderosa pines that died from the buds inward and exhibited banding on the needles and black fungus on the buds and tips. Maybe your next pine can be a species that is closer to being native in your climate. :thinking:

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There are two large pines proximate to my house. One is about 100 feet away and the other is about 100 yards away and both are doing splendidly. That being said, it does seem kind of curious that it would pick up this particular fungusBut maybe it was there when I bought it and just didn’t notice it. Very confident it’s not overwatering. I will proceed as if it is needle cast In the hope that I can at least slow it down. Unless someone else has a better idea. Thanks again, Bob, for you’re taking interest and the time to respond.

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