Broadleaf Educational Content and General Care Calendar is NOW Available on Mirai Mobile!

We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated release of our broadleaf educational content and general care calendar on Mirai Mobile. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting this, your patience has paid off because the time to dive into the world of broadleaf bonsai is NOW! Also, make sure to explore our latest Android updates below to enhance your Mirai Mobile experience further.

Android Updates: Version

  • Fixed bug where extra calendar activities are sometimes drawn on the calendar
  • Fixed crash log crash in tips player
  • Larger touch areas for back buttons

So happy about this. Is there a time line for what Ryan spoke about having the links to the full video’s on the Mirai Live site?

Thanks so much. Awesome :clap:t2: Have really enjoyed the Live sessions but have learned so much since the mobile app came out. A game changer for me!

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No yet! But we will be sure to let y’all know once they are :slight_smile: