Bricelcone pine

How would you bonsai a brislecone pine i have one down here in corpus Christi texas i got befor and after pics ,how do you share pics on this site.



This is a copy of a post from @Kendall :heart_eyes:
hope it is helpful… check out the commonly asked questions and the resources category for common questions about how to do stuff.:heart_eyes:



Thanks @Rafi - just so folks know, the button to upload images from your computer looks like this >>>> and it sits in the editor panel above the space where you enter your text. You can also copy/paste urls of photos into the body of the post and typically images will render. 28%20PM

Do you know how to copy and paste?
Mouse over the url of the photo with the left button depressed, it should turn baby blue, then press CTRL c, Then to paste to the forum go to the response window that you are using and press CTRL v. Easy enough even an old man like me can do it!!! :grin:

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use what ever search engine you like and search : bristlecone pine bonsai
Many images of trees in training and quality trees as well as bristlecones in the wild.
Still looking forward to seeing pics of your tree!:evergreen_tree:

upload icon at top of box looks like a tray with an arrow pointing up…



You must watch the epic Bristlecone pine stream