Boxwood transplant

Hey all, had to dig up a boxwood otherwise would have been destroyed. Do I leave foliage on like juniper or decrease like deciduous?

Boxwood generally have a fairly thick cuticle so I would leave the foliage to drive root growth. I got one last year and put it in pumice in the shade. It looked good over the winter in the cold greenhouse and is sulking this summer.

Also a picture of the rootball would help to give advice. Typically boxwood has a compact rootball with fine roots close to the trunk and should tolerate a summer replant reasonably well (still not ideal of course). If you have a good rootball I wouldn’t prune and use the foliage to recover.

Thanks rob, the root ball is average not great. I already potted it up. Some fine roots. So you think I should trip back a bit?

Hard to be sure without pictures. More generic advice keep out of direct sun during the hottest hours of the day and balance water and oxygen.

I just watched the boxwood stream and leaving the foilage would be beneficial. Rodney mentioned they have the strongest roots and can be repotted and transplanted almost anytime of the year… obviously there are better times than others but if you got an average rootball you should be good!