Blue Spruce Bush Yamayardi

I asked Ryan about this tree on the Q&A. It turned out the place I got it from was going out of business so I could not leave it until spring. It is a well developed blue spruce bush, 3 ft. high and a 4 ft diameter, 6 in. trunk, and ~12 in. nabari. I put it in a mix of bush soil and pumice as Ryan suggested. The pot was too deep, so to offset the weight of the canopy, I filled it half way with Turface and chicken grit. As suggested I will be misting it 4-5 times a day until winter sets in. Fingers crossed for it to live.

As can be seen in the pics, there are plenty of roots and there is no shortage of nabari. I major negative I found buried in the clay was the bush was grafted. The graft is causing a small amount of reverse taper, but the over all movement and taper of the trunk is great. The trunk is what drew me to this material.

I could see this material grown out into a semi-cascade or the foliage in same direction it is in now with many of the branches jinned. I will be walking by it 1000+ times in the next 2 years and see many other options too. One thing for sure the front has to show off that big chicken foot nabari.

Let me know what you think.

Have bonsai fun!

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