Best soil mix for a 2 needle pine repot from nursery pot

Hi all, this is my first post, so here it goes.
I found a 2 needle pine in the back of a local arboretum nursery, along with many other neglected junipers, thujas, other evergreens and deciduous.
I want to repot the 2 needle pine from its nursery container with compacted soil to a shallower growing container with better soil.

What is better soil in this situation. I know Ryan swears by the akadama component but I haven’t had any luck with it. It breaks down too fast–I must be doing something wrong. But since this will not be a refinement potting, and a first transition from organic soil, what would be a better mix? I have plenty of perlite and sifted pine bark. I was thinking that a mix of these two components, with some coarse sand, would work. Any suggestions, ideas would be very much welcomed and appreciated.
Thank you for your feedback,

I would use about 60% perlite and 40% pine bark. Replace some of the perlite with aged manure if you have it and want strong growth.

Thanks for getting back to me. Will do as you recommended. However I don’t know if I can get aged manure. Should I be able to find it at big box stores?
My other question, I noticed today that the candles are beginning to elongate. It’s not too late to disturb the roots is it?

The manure is useful for pushing the growth, but not essential. I get mine at a big grocery with a nursery section. If the candles are just starting to elongate it should be fine to repot, but don’t cut off too many roots since the strength of pines is in the roots. You should loosen the roots when you repot and work the new soil in among them.

This is my first pine repot and I’m a little uneasy about it. It is about 40 inches high and about 30 inches wide. The present soil is very fine and dense. I have no idea what I’m going to find.
I’m planning to remove no more than 50 percent of the soil. The pot I’m planning to use is a little wider and about 2/3rd the height of the present pot. Hope that will be a good fit. Plan to do this operation tomorrow. Wish me luck.
Thanks for your advice.