Soil mix for Utah Juniper?

So I am a little… ha ha… confused on the soil mix for collected junipers.
On the Soil livestream Ryan said that the only species that should never touch Akadama is Common Juniper. :evergreen_tree:

So I have a collected Utah juniper that need repotting and not sure what soil mix to use. Same as rocky mountain juniper? Same as nursery juniper? All pumice and lava?
I want to give this little guy a nice home to grow roots and get ready to rock in a few years.

Any actual experience with Utah Junipers in the group?

Being confused is getting to be my natural state, so any help is appreciated.
@ryan Also have a collected common juniper, so I greatly appreciate the warning!!!

Did you collect that common juniper by yourself? If so how long have you had it in a pot, and how and when did you collect it? :grinning:
Communis is know for being extremely hard to collect, at least in Europe. They are prone to die unexpected after about two years in a pot.
As for soil mix I think @ryan said that the only tree he knew that hates akadama is the juniperus communis. So i would go with standard mix 1:1:1. He uses solid pumice the first potting after collection if I remember right. There is a stream about potting yamadori.


No, a member of our local club goes collecting every spring. South Dakota, 7000 feet approximately. Main find are ponderosa pines and this one small common juniper.

One year in the collection box, so I will watch for growth that indicates roots are working before transplanting into a pot. Had some nice deadwood that was broken off in transport from the mountain, so I was disappointed Ryan did not show how to reattach deadwood on last nights stream. I thought he said it would be done on the stream, maybe I misunderstood.

Still hoping to hear from someone with success with common juniper. :persevere:
Any other thoughts on soil for Utah juniper?
thank you for your reply.

You asked in march. It’s october now. Still no answer. It seems that Ryan team also doesn’t know the right mix for juniperus communis. Or this mix is a part of future tier 3 subscription video series about akadama soil alternatives.

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No experience with common Juniper, however I collect Utah Juniper every fall. I put them in straight pumice for two years. They are very resilient as long as you don’t keep them too wet. Misting foliage as opposed to saturation of soil helps keep good balance of H2O and O2

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thank you @Garrett240

Hello, did anyone find details about the soil mix recommended for juniperus communis? i have listened Ryan rejecting Akadama for this species but I have not heard of alternatives. Thanks.