Citrus bonsai soil mix

Does anyone with citrus bonsai have a good soil mix they’d like to recommend? I used pure akadama this past year, and it seems like it kept everything too wet. Any success with a standard 1:1:1 mix?

I know they like acidity, but I’ll probably be handling that with fertilizer.

I use 1:1:1:1 , lava,pumice,akadama,kanuma , 1/16 to 1/4" . I have had amazing results this past year with it . I grow Limeberry (trifasia trifolia), also Australian Finger Lime . I also used it for my Barringtonia Acutangula ( Indian Putat) ,was the first year I had more than 1 flower spike , had 50+ . I also have been using Bio Gold original every 2 months for 3 years , before that I used Green King.

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Interesting. Are you adding kanuma for the extra acidity?

I don’t really have a use for a whole bag of kanuma at the moment, so maybe I will mix in some peat or something slightly acidic. I was planning on humic acid during fertilization instead but maybe I’ll reconsider that.

I’m using it to get better flowering, I didn’t with just 1:1:1 mix even using organic fertilizer.
I suspected it was soil chemistry , consistency , by dosing it wouldn’t be .

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I’ve got a calamondin that’s going crazy on flowering and fruiting in pure pumice. YMMV.