Beginner Videos: What more do you want to know?

More nursery stock videos.

I would like to echo what others have said, More Nursery Stock videos please.

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Bonsai on the cheap. I know Ryan would never do cheap bonsai… but… as a beginner it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on what might end up as a dead shrub on the compost pile. So, if Ryan had to cut costs, what would be the easiest thing to go cheap on and what are the things that are most important to spend money on. Turface for soil? Ordinary scissors for pruning shears? Homemade pots? $5 clearance plants that are brown and on the back shelf of the box store? old clothes hangers for wire? etc.


Can we get a ministream or beginner video on tool sharpening, cleaning, and maintenance?

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Hey Eve!

I’m a beginner. I love the nursery stock series so so much, and I’d love more of them with a maximum of progression shown. They of course get sold, but hanging on to a few to show the process over time would be great (I’ve enjoyed the field grown JBP series enormously for this reason!).
Also, maybe a series really getting to see the process happening as quick as possible, like getting a cheap piece of smallish material that should be available to a lot of us, and doing work together over one or two or more full seasons, like a project to end up with your own well worked (albeit young) tree.

Thank you all!

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I think there are many concepts which are being taught at the livestream which can be applied to beginners. But the trees used to demonstrate these concepts are anything but beginner trees. I would like to see more tutorials on cheap nursery stock.

Practically as a beginner, one would reach for a cheap’ish tree to style rather than an advanced tree.

Having a progression series is great too. Choose a nursery stock. Set the foundations and follow up every season till it’s ready for showtime.

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This is the same for me too, I can style nursery stock well enough to look like bonsai and keep it that way, but often I’ve tried to manage growth on a branch that I anticipate to become much larger, my results have varied and seem to end up up in two scenarios:

If I cut back hard in the initial styling I risk losing the branch or slow growth, but if I grow it out it often ends up much too leggy and I lose proportion. Some more guidance around managing branches in development and some strategies to avoid misshapen/disproportionate branches would be very useful.

I feel that even some micro streams (10mins or so) to update on some of the advanced material already shown in recent videos would help also. Ryan could perhaps just give a little update on how he is currently managing growth/horticultural issues etc. that would help instead of waiting until the next big prune/repot or whatever is due.

On another note, the increase in basic beginner/nursery stock streams coming through has been extremely helpful, thanks to the Mirai team for taking on some of the feedback and making the effort, it’s awesome that ya’ll are so responsive to the community. Cheers!

Lastly, trying to find all the Q+A sessions in the library is very difficult, perhaps you could add a Q+A tab to the content tree?

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