Azalea lace bug treatment, Q&A 135

Someone asked on the Q&A about Azalea lace bug and ways to treat. Arbico has green lacewings adults, nymphs and eggs that you can purchase to treat them. I ordered a quanity of 5000 this spring just a fe weeks back and I can verify that after a few days I was seeing the green lacewings around teh plants. Now is the best opportunity to treat for the lace bug.

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Thanks for that! That was me. Heading to order now.

Hope you’re doing well, Brian.

You’re welcome Chuck. Mine got pretty much eaten alive last year. Between the green lacewings and nematodes orders, Arbico should be sending me a check, lol.
Best of luck,

A chemical option is Bonide Systemic. It’s available in both a liquid and granular form and gives about 6 weeks of protection.

Here are Ryan’s thoughts on systemics: at 43:25 and I tend to agree with him when approaching trees in bonsai containers with aggregate soil.