Austrailian pine

Cpl of questions i have an ausi pine for short. Is it a true pine since its needles are segmented and is it single or muti flush .i have mine set as a cascade weeping style. Had to use raffia to contort,branches very britle at the tips. I only have the primary structure set i repoted out of nursury pot2 weeks ago .its got new groth already the needles at the tips are segmenting into 3 is there any other charictoristics about this new aquasion i should know about thanks p.s. the soil is 1/4to 1/8 acadama and pumus.thanks

I don’t know if it is a true pine, but I would guess not. Homesick settlers misnamed a lot of thing because it reminded them of home. Looks like a good candidate for bonsai though. Weeping style shows it off well.

Just googled it. No, not a pine, but a flowering tree.

It’s a Casuarina, these might help you out a bit for info

Cpl more questions sea green juniper got done cleaning n wireing 3 weeks ago still in nursury pot had it for 2 years leting it recover partial shade pots tilted only on one branch brown tip die back any suggestions

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Can you upload a picture? Could be damage from wiering?

Will do but im at work tell 6 30 tonight

How do you treat bur oak blight

Here are pics of juniper die back

The bottom only is dieing back

Wondering if could be from removing too much foliage combined with bending? Did you bend when bark was “loose” during growing time? Could have slipped cambium layer. Have you watched Ryans native juniper streams? This was on one of them in recent months.

I bent it at the right time but i think itook to much off the hole half oof that trunk died back

These kinds of things force us to change course and find new design and test personal creativity. How we as well as the trees grow. Sorry that this happened but always valuable lessons.

Is Bonide available to you? How about imidacloprid? Both very dangerous to bees and pets so be careful. Also would use good fungicide. Personally would use both bugicide and fungicide as spray and systemic. If this is same as sudden Oak die off it is a cambium killing fungus carried by bugs. Also trim off dead/dying part and treat wound. For this blight I would hit HARD with strong countermeasures. Best of fortune with this:wink:.