Audio/video de-synchronization

In recent weeks I’ve noticed a couple times where my audio and video seem to get de-synchronized when watching recent recorded livestreams from the library. I’ve tried exiting, other browsers and it seems reproducible, and so, inherent to the recording. In the Oct 5 Rocky Mountain Native Material stream there is a visible break at 1:50 that is not repaired until about 1:55. Other streams seemed to have much longer periods of desynchronization. Given the previous extremely high quality of the Mirai library, this has been notable.

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Maybe it’s just your internet connection/stream? I haven’t had any issues and just went to the Rocky Mtn steam to double-check at that time stamp. All synchronized :+1:

I should have been clearer. The issue in the RMJ stream is at 1:49:58 near the word “unfettered”. It is completely reproducible. The audio-video synch is off for about 5 minutes.

The synch is restored at 1:55:24 when the camera briefly moves away from Ryan’s face, almost as if it were known to be off and an editor was waiting for a chance to re-synch the audio without a visual indication with his mouth moving.

But, as I said, in other earlier but relatively recent videos the mismatch lasted for much longer than 5 minutes.

Hi all, the RMJ stream was desynchronized from 1.55 until the end. I sent Eve a brief personal email and the mirai team checked it and fixed it. She said the where a few bugs more, so one is not fixed yet. I will send her another mail.
Despite everything I think that in those cases the best is to contact Eve in person. This works very well in the past. I think the mirai team is very grateful for such feedback.

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Hi all,

Thank you for flagging this, I was reached out to by @ satsuki61 and we are working to resolve this issue now. We have a new video contract editor that has been helping us out with some of these edits, and it seems there may be an issue with his software or with our Vimeo uploader.

It seems that the audio issue is not occurring live, thus this is something that is happening in post-production before we get it up into the library archive. This will take us a few days to track down the issue, fix it, and then replace the files. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience!

In the meantime, it seems that it is not too detrimental to receiving the information being put out, thus we hope this does not disturb the viewing experience drastically. Thanks for flagging this and your patience with us as we work to fix this.

Best, Eve