Any Follow Up on Juniper Cuttings?

I watched and copied the technique Ryan used on his juniper cuttings last year. Now I’m wondering if there was anything to follow-up regarding a time range for removing and potting these up? Pot size has always been a pain for me. I’m going to guess a new rooted cutting might only go into a 4" pot for a year? Any advance on that? One gallon? Ground?

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I guess it depends on what you’re trying to achieve and the kind of stock material you used for the cuttings, if you want a big tree it might be a good idea to ground it but I still would work the root system before doing that, let them develop for a year, then repot each into their own pot, make sure to get that radial root system, let them fill a small pot and then proceed to either a larger pot or the ground. I don’t remember who exactly recommended the root maker pots here but you might consider something like that or a nice colander works as well. But yeah what are you trying to achieve and work towards that, experiment and see what works for you.