Potting Nursery Juniper

I have.purchased a green mound juniper that was shipped with just the root ball attached. I want to pot it up for development. What growing medium should I use (organic or inorganic) and what size growing pot should I use in relation to its size?


Depends on your goal. Are you trying to get it much larger/thicker than it currently is? If so, then planting in the ground would be the way to go. If you’re happy with its current size and want to start development of the branches then a mix of 1:1:1 akadama, pumice and lava should be good. I’m not good with pot sizes. I tend to over pot lol.


Happy with current size. Think I will pot it up in a large training pot with the 1:1:1 mix. Thanks


I would have to agree with @Bonsai_Bentley on this point… If your happy with where the specimen is at and refinement is the goal then the standard 1:1:1 mix will be suitable. Otherwise, there are several options. For instance… field growing, pond basket/colander, overpotting, raised planter bed, and many more.

The standard 1:1:1 is useful for refinement as it has a relatively low CEC and ample WHC. If you want growth and need larger trunk/branches/ size then organic components might suite your needs as they generally speaking higher CEC and WHC. Looks these up if your not familiar, but they are important factors in plant growth and development. This is oversimplified as there are more components to consider.

Large training pot would imply that its not ready for refinement and growth would be the primary goal. I have numerous articles on soils studies let me know and I can shoot you an email.

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Yes please email me the soil info you mentioned. gwilsonikon@gmail.com

Sent some studies to your email.

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