New Small Juniper Nursery Stock - Grow or Pot?

After watching many of Ryan’s videos and read a number of forums posts I am unsure, with my circumstance, whether I should pot in a bonsai container or home grown Anderson Flat style (wood / bottom screen). I am not happy with the Nebari (slightly inverse tapered) and the size of the Tachiagari is also small. Am I correct in thinking that placing the tree in a bonsai pot will slow the growth of the trunk vs. a Anderson Flat style pot will increase the trunk growth? If I repot to a bonsai pot, I was going to wait a year and then style, then repot again a year later. If I start with an Anderson Flat, what should the process and timing be?

Yes putting it into a bonsai pot will slow the growth down. If you want to thicken it, but it into a larger growing container (but not too big).


Thank you, that’s what I thought.

An remember to use soil mix with a fair bit of organic like the nursery folks use. I was listening to the Bonsai Wire podcast discussion of Michael Hagadorn’s book Bonsai Heresy and he was listing about 70-75% screened bark with a bit of steer manure + screened pumice as his mix for developing trees in pots or boxes.