Any chance of survival?

I posted a few days back about a stressed mountain hemlock of mine. Things have gotten worse for the tree since then. It has now lost all of it’s needles.

Is there any chance of the tree surviving at this stage?

I know that without foliage it cannot move water or nutrients, does that just mean it’s simply going to desiccate and die now?

Needless to say I’m pretty bummed.

Sorry to say that at this point it’s undoubtedly dead.

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The only chance it will have if if there are any buds on the verge of opening. But it is slim. I have had similar a couple of times with western hemlock. Two died, one is just hanging on a year later. And if it does pull through this year it will be years before I get it back to its previous health.

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I feel your pain! I love hemlocks, mountain hemlocks, iron springs hemlock… I have more trouble keeping them happy than any other tree :frowning_face: Like the others said, probably won’t recover.

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I had a small (kept at 14" tall) nursery stock hemlock for 35 years. Not a great bonsai, but I liked it.The last 5 years it lost the lowest limb each year… died two springs ago…
The last 6 years, I have seen all my collected local
(Pacific N.W.) smaller hemlock slowly die… PROBABLY global warming…
Bought a real nice large collected mountain hemlock 10 years ago. Made the mistake of bare rooting it. JUST DONT…
I guess I dont need any hemlocks… Ya, pretty bummed…