Also known as a Burning Tree

Hi everyone,
This past weekend I purchased a tree from a Bonsai Auction to raise money for the Association. I only know itsBURNING%20TREE%20LEAVESBURNING%20TREE%20%20 nickname ( The Burning Tree ) and I was hoping someone knew the proper name for me to research. I have included pictures below. Thank you for your help in advance.


Euonymus alatus is my best guess.
I have a multi trunk for the past 20 years. It can tend to die back so good to have multiple extra branches. An elongating species that can be pruned to get ramification. My branches have wings on them that can be trimmed or left the way they grow.

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Here’s my dwarf. Tough little trees. This one had a bunch of rot that had to be cut out and it was infested with Euonymus scale. It has grown strong all spring.


Joe- Is your tree kept outside? My leaves have lighter spots forming on them and I’m not an expert on fungus or bug treatment. I will send a picture of the leaves. any input would be very appreciated.

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The even distribution makes me think something was sprayed. Is the water source safe?
Or water droplets that caused the leaf to burn? I have some insect damage to my leaves that look nothing like your spots.
:thinking: maybe scale??

@VICTOR, lighter spots may also be chlorosis most likely due to high pH of your water. Is it happening in other trees and did you check the pH of your water?


The picture was taken after a lot of rain but it was like that during the drought. There a tiny little holes here and there on some leaves which leads me to believe that it an insect. I also have some a couple Beeches that have some leaf disturbance.

I don’t spray my leaves with tap water, I only soak the ground. I too thinks it’s an insect. I am new to the bonsai world and this is my first summer to deal with this. Any input would be appreciated.

Scale is an insect. Take a branch that is not needed to an extension office for a diagnosis. Are you in Europe or US?


Thank you everyone for your responses. I apologize for not responding immediately. As you may know the North East has been getting A LOT of rain for most of the summer. The tree’s pot sits on the ground and the drainage holes were not allowing the soil to drain properly. I have had it on a couple bricks to elevate the tree and it seems to be getting better- Slowly! Is there anything else I may be able to do or do I just need to be patient?