Beech fungus infection?

Hi bonsai enthusiast,

i have a problem with my beech forest which is getting a major problem with time. It started 3-4 weeks ago. Some leaves of the forest got brown spots but i weren’t panicking because we got hit by a heat wave and i assumend that just some leaves got burnt. So i put the tree in shadow where it is till then.

Unfortunately the first leaves completely died and the browning of the leaves still continues, so i think it is definitely not only a sunburn of the leaves. This picture shows how it starts. The browning of the leaves continues till they dry out and fall off.

I made a small research and found out that beeches sometimes have a fungus which turns the leaves brown till they fall off but the pics i find on the internet for this fungus don’t really look like in my case. This for example:

Do you guys think that the symptoms look the same? Or do you guys have any idea what the trees are suffering from? I am happy about every idea or thought.
Thank you for your help.


Could this be from insects, perhaps some sort of leaf miners? I’d check for insects on the tree that could be feeding on the foliage.

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I checked the leaves several times. There were some white flies but just a few and i already got rid of them. Besides them you can’t see any insects.

I’d suggest asking Ryan directly than via a Live or Forum Q&A, hopefully he’ll have an answer for you.