Aleppo pines info

Happy new year to you all!

I have collected some Aleppo pines few years back. The grow strong here in my area in South Africa. Info on them are very limited regarding bonsai. I have read that they do make wonderful bonsais. Who can help me with info on growing them as bonsai.


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Like someone wrote the other day, if you unsure of how to treat. always default to Single-flush,
Have you watched any of the videos in the pine category?
Ryan does talk about the characteristics of and how to identify what pine you might have.
Multi flush, Short needle single flush and Long needle single flush are your choices.
From the pics I have seen on the web, Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis) has short needles.
Just from my little bit of research I found this in our forum,

Thanks sorry I asked the same question on the design forum new to this…

Will do so …

The pines are fast to push out juvenile growth. If the have juvenile growth must they be left alone until the have mature growth?

Here’s pics of one tree got lots of juvenile growth on and sacrifice branch have mature needles… not a major problem because I need to field grow from next season to fatten trunk. 20200102_185340|375x500

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