Aleppo Pine pruning

Does anyone know how to prune an Aleppo Pine? When to prune? Is it handled like other pines that are decandled?


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Hi @Bbonsai3, I know nothing about Aleppo Pine, but I guess it’s from Syria?
I bought a small Japanese Black Pine some years back, and was so confused about de-candeling I just treated it as single flush. In truth, I should have been just growing it out, but the work did no harm, and kept the internodes small. I would be tempted to try light experimentation to see how your Aleppo Pine responds.

Hi @Bbonsai3 & @AndyK!!! Aleppo pine (pinus halepensis) can be worked as jbp and jrp but allways that you have adult needles and NOT juvenile needles. The Aleppo pine is very similar to the Japanese red pine (pinus densiflora), the femenine design and forms in nature and even the needles. The bark is more cracked in the jrp than in the Aleppo pine, it’s the main difference. Where I’m from (Alicante, Spain) it’s the more frequent pine and the ones that have cracked bark are the oldest ones and the ones who live in extreme conditions. It’s a coastal pine who loves the sun and in the balance of water and oxigen is clearly in the oxigen side. I hope that all that can help!!!

Can you explain more about what you mean here? I’m confused by this. It might be a language translation thing (I speak Spanish, so I understand ;P)

Do you have experience collecting these trees as well? They are abundant where I live and I’d love some tips if you have them.

Hi @Nate_Andersen!! Yessss my English is not really good, sorry!!

To collect Aleppo pine try to take it out with a good root system and use the foliar mass to built a bigger root system after the collection, like other pines. Here the collection it’s complex cause it’s a dry area and the Aleppo pine can go really deep searching water. I hope it helps!!

Hey everyone, I acquired an Aleppo Pine from nursery stock last year that has a lot of potential but will need a fair amount of time to make it into a nice bonsai.
I have noticed that it takes cutting back very well. I had an overgrown tree with no inner growth on it - I did a very hard cut back on it last year and repotted in January here in San Diego, California.
I asked Ryan a question about Pinus halapensis(Aleppo) in the forum Q&A recently(link below) - he said to treat it as a short needle single flush pine, so care is different from a JBP and other multi flush pines.

Hope that helps. Best, Bret


Heyyy all!! Thx @bretb l will work this season like @ryan said in the q&a. I believe Aleppo Pine has a lot of potential as Bonsai but still it’s a missunderstood species.