Airlayer Shishigashira - leaves start to shrivel


this year I’ve purchased a shishigashira from a garden tree nursery. As it was kept in a poly-tunnel the leaves very already hardened off end of march. I’ve identified two branches which needed removal so I decided to airlayer them.
After a few days I now notice the leaves to slightly shrivel and dry out. Hence I started misting the leaves regularly.

How should I take care of the tree now? Are the shriveled leaves anything I need to be worried about?


Misting won’t do enough to save the branch. Some maples won’t airlayer. I don’t know about the variety you selected in terms of ability to air layer. The branch is likely done and should be removed.

Also, I usually wait until end of May to airlayer oh Ohio, March is too early in my region and I need to wait until the leaves are pumping sugars back into the tree before airlayering. Maybe you did it too early? Maybe the variety is hard to air layer? Where are you located? March in Ohio could be very different than March where you are.

Is it all of the leaves, or only the branches with air layers?

Shishigashira definitely air layer, I’ve done them myself and they also feature in Mirai Live videos.

Without pics, I’m wondering if the branches being air layered were a little thin and became damaged in the process. Or if it is the whole tree, not just the air layered branches, I’m thinking maybe the tree went a little too suddenly from a cosy polytunnel to out in the environment.

Thanks for your answers. I’m from northern Germany. When I’ve bought the tree the temperatures during daytime where around 5-15 °C (41 - 59 °F) and at night above freezing (min 2°C or 35°F)

My garden faces east with the trees being in full sun until they get full shade from the house until roughly 1 pm to 3 pm depending where I position them. This tree currently gets full sun until roughly 2 pm.

The past view days we’ve had some quite warm days with temperatures around 20°C or 68°F.

It’s always quite windy here.

I’ve attached some photos. While I’ve made the photos and inspected the leaves a bit closer. It seems that the shriveled leaves are not necessarily on the branches / trunks which I’ve airlayered but those leaves which are the highest on the tree and are facing the sun the most.

Maybe it’s not due to the airlayer but more because of too intense sun and too much wind?!

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It might be that the leaves just weren’t fully hardened off coming out of the poly-tunnel, but in looking at your pictures those just look like typical Shishigashira leaves. They tend to curl in like that naturally. They also air layer well, I’ve air layered a Shishigashira a couple of years ago with no problem, although it took two seasons to get roots to form. I think I may have kept the layer too moist the first season.

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