Air Layering Unestablished Trees?

Hey all, this may be beyond a beginner topic, but I am a beginner myself and new to Mirai Live. I’ve picked up a Vine Maple with a nice base from a local nursery (Portland, OR area). I intend to chop it, but the top portions of the tree could also make nice material some day. I was wondering if air layering this tree this year is something I should attempt? Perhaps put it in the ground and air layer next year? Or just resign myself to getting one great tree out of it and forgetting the top half. Welcoming any and all thoughts!

I would go ahead and airlayer this year at the points where you were thinking of cutting it off to get some decent sized vine maples while the tree adapts to your conditions. That will most likely cause some back budding below the airlayer sites and will set you up to repot next year.