Airlayer Japanese maples

Hi all.

Was just wondering when one should airlayer a Japanese maple. Believe Ryan said after first flush hardens off but I’ve been reading about some starting it sooner than that.
What’s your experiences?

It’s two young trees, one Arakawa and one Deshojo both grafted which is why I’m doing the airlayer.

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You can layer now with great results or you xould have done it when the leaves started to emerge. Ryan’s preference is to wait till the first flush starts to harden off. Thia is because at that point the leaves are activity photosynthesizing and creating energy that will be used to create the callus that will eventually create the new root base. Its also easier to keep the leaves adequately hydrated as the cuticle prevents from excessive moisture loss. He feels that there is better success with the process.

Hi @Alex,
I have heard Deshojo is hard to air layer, which is why you normally find it as a graft, but don’t let me put you off- give it a go. I have a Shisigashera that need 2 branches removed but I will wait until the leaves have hardened off.