Air Layer Gone Wrong?

Not sure what’s going wrong with this air layer. I started it late spring 2018. In the fall I checked it and found that the callus has bridged the 1.5” gap I cut in. So I cut it back a bit and increased the gap to about 3”.
This is what it looks like today.

I went ahead and wrapped it back up.
Just wait longer?


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Sorry friend I think this one failed. Had this worked you would have seen a healthy collection of roots growing from the top of that cut (not the bottom). In your picture you have the moss mostly wrapped around the bottom of the cut, which is not where you want the new roots to emerge.

Did you wrap that moss around the “top” part of that cut? What time of year did you begin this?

I have had many failed air layers, particularly on maples. We’re about to break into spring here in North America - so the time is right to try again!

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What you are seeing as moss in the picture is actually the callus! Take a look at this wide shot for reference.

This branch is hanging down a bit so the low side is actually where roots would form.
The branch that I am trying to layer seems super healthy. Buds are swelling as here in Northern California spring is upon us. Additionally last year the branch had vigorous growth.

Let it ride… maybe score the callus several times and apply rooting hormone…
What is the tree? Apple or maybe prunus?

ryan.marin apologies - I didn’t see that I had the direction on the picture backwards. Thanks for sharing the additional pics.

I’m certainly no authority on air layers - but I maintain my opinion that this didn’t take. I had a harvest moon maple last year that formed the same bulbous callous on the sacrifice side of the air layer. It never recovered and that part ended up dying off. Certainly no harm in staying the course and seeing what happens.

Keep up posted with your progress - the visual history is helpful to me and others!

I’m with Kurt, try scoring the callus and letting it ride for another season.

Also, relevant info here:

Hi Ryan, I’m certainly not expert in the practice of air-layering. From what I understand of the theory of it, another season might get this one over the line. Once the leaves come out there should be enough energy created to generate roots by seasons end. I’m also interested if ‘upsidedown’ branches like these will root as successfully as ‘rightway round’ shoots. As kurt says, nothing to lose by giving it another season.