Acquired a new Orange tree (and my other trees)

I’m still pretty new here so learning how to use the platform

I figure what better time than now to document some beginning stages of trees

I just got an orange tree yesterday and i am not sure if i should repot now or wait (it’ll be living inside the gym with me next to a window

The other plants are in various stages. The olive i worry has root aphides because the leaves are yellowing a bit, but for the most part everything is going pretty ok

I’m open to all feedback and well My Name is Michael, i live in Central Texas and bonsai out of my gym. I’ve watched probably 30 videos in the last two weeks, i signed up because the amount of knowledge Ryan dropped on YT was mind blowing. I look forward to meeting y’all as the journey continues :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard. I will just say that tree’s need to grow outside, not sure if you brought them in to take photo’s but if they are inside you should be looking to get them outside for full health.

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Hey thank you :slight_smile: I’m glad to be here. I appreciate the input. I usually put them outside each day for 6-8 hours, since I do bonsai out of my gym, i can’t leave them out or they’ll be stolen/landlords don’t like it. I’m hopeful i can get some property in the next 6 months. Until then i shuffle them in and out and use a grow light when i can’t get them outside