Youthful Tree Design

Species: Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Time in Training: Not long
Last scope of work: Repot late March
Location: PNW
Questions/Critique requested:

Hello Mirai Community,
This may not be worth some of your time, but anyone who wants to work on their critique muscles please feel free. This was a 10$ tree and I worked on it just for the practice. I did very little work on the roots, and it has responded quite well since the repot in March. Thank you for taking the time!

Photo Descriptions:
1- Front
2- Debating whether or not to keep the elongated apexes. I didn’t think the young age of the material was able to hold the asymmetry.
3- Pre working

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I like your styling, aging later is “easy”. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to do a more severe repot (shallower) but that will be for later now.

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I think you crushed it! Refining your skills on young nursery stock is not easy (or maybe I was just foolishly assuming so when I started). So I respect the commitment to the skills/techniques and it’s the best way to get lots of reps and still have money for food! Great styling and you turned it into something that’s worthy

The way I said it made it sound like I am beyond this point, which is not the case at all, that’s why I can relate…most of my stuff I wonder…is this stick in a pot worth asking about.

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