Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Hi All,
Would love to see what you all think about this little piece of nursery stock.

As you can see in the pics there is a fairly fat base that splits a little ways up the trunk. After the split there is minimal taper and a few swollen internodes on both trunks, however, the smaller trunk has minimal inverse taper.
So what do you all think?


find the best base,
best movement,
working from the base up, find a fault like inverse or minimal taper cut it off and build new structure or i have heard about cutting into the trunk from the back of an inside curve to increase taper or grow out the branches below to increase taper.
the choice is yours, remember, no rules

because of the swollen base i would cut it right back and try and make it as compact as i possibly could.

Who knows where I will go , but looks like a good project! Once you do the cleaning you will get to know it’s character and nuances more to assist you in a design direction. Have fun with it and keep us posted!

Just wanted to post an update on this tree. I repotted this and 3 other dwarf Alberta spruce a couple of weeks ago into this group planting.