Yamadori Horror Story (time to look back and laugh)

I want to hear your yamadori horror stories. Let’s think more about the ones where we can look back and laugh, not the ones like when I almost killed Mitch in the swamp.

Here’s mine: Catahoula Lake 2017
It’s early Friday morning. I had planned to meet up with a bonsai digging crew from the Shreveport Bonsai Society on Saturday. By Friday, Hurricane Nate is crossing the Yucatan Peninsula and headed for New Orleans. So like any bonsai person, I drive 188 miles to Catahoula Lake early Friday morning with a “See you tonight!” for my wife.

The lake bed was dry. I should have stopped at the usual parking spot. I didn’t 2 miles later around 3pm, I’m stuck in the mud. Well, it looked good up to that point.

The tow-truck driver met me at 8pm 3+ miles back at the main highway. Saturday morning and $750 later, I was out and driving home beneath Nate’s feeder bands.

It was classified as a “recovery” not a tow. I think that’s the last step before “salvage”.

Next time, I’m renting a Polaris Ranger.