Winter Kayaking on Blind River - Bald Cypress Gallery

I took my kayak out on Blind River, west of New Orleans. I wanted to capture some of our ancient survivors of logging and hurricanes. I hope you enjoy the gallery. I tried to say a few words about each photo. The gallery has a slide show function.
January 2019 Blind River Gallery


Great photos…it is often hard for me to capture the essence in a photo of great old trees…you’ve done a nice job!! Thanks for sharing…nothing like a winter paddle to get the juices flowing.


A lot of Bass and cat fishing, lots of snags. Bonsai inspiration, absolutely!


Nice pics, thanks…so much (spanish?)moss.
Couldn’t help but wonder if anyone has ever added a bit of moss to the branches of their Bald Cypress Bonsai.:thinking:


This is the one.

Gorgeous photos Bill. Thanks for sharing.


John, The widest lens I brought is my 50mm. This meant that I had to push my kayak further back to get entire trees. I think it helped to minimize distortion of the trees. Also, being in the water allowed me to keep moving around until I got what I thought was the best shot. I hope to see you in chest waders in Four Hole Swamp. Leave Cindy on the boardwalk spotting for gators.

I’m thinking of doing just that, one day. I have crepe myrtles in my yard that I’ve covered in Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides). It’s a type of bromeliad, by the way. Sadly, I cannot find any smaller version to put in my trees. If I were to ever display one of my larger BC, I’d have to slowly select and place individual strands of moss.

That shot is straight out of the camera. The light was fantastic. My plan is to kayak the same area each month for the whole year. A friend of mine, Gregory LeBlanc of Black Bayou Photography, has shot this same tree in early morning light. It tells me that I need to start getting up before sunrise to improve my photography. I’ll be posting shots of some of the same trees as they green up and fade out. So keep looking.

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Hey Bill… Thanks for the info! But, real men don’t wear waders in the swamp:)


Thanks for the pictures! I have a bald cypress that I wanted to keep true-ish to form but didn’t want to go full flat top. So this give a little bit broader of style options. Some remind me of the way eucalyptus grow, as far as the branches toward the apex.