Wildest Bonsai Compositions

I see a lot of trees working at Mirai, but I always seem to stumble upon new artists and their unique approaches to creating work. For example: Nick Lenz and Dan Robinson.

Is there any other avant-garde or truly unique artists/compositions out there I should know about?

Would love to see some inspiring images or website links!
No rules!


Lenz is creative, I dig root over gargoyle and antelope skull.


That stuff blows my mind. He is definitely not afraid to have fun/make “weird” work. So awesome.


We did “Halloween Trees” last year. The kids in our neighborhood loved the tree.


What about the classic “root over head gasket” style? :joy: I love Nick Lenz’s work.


David Crust, a Minnesota bonsai artist, does some really crazy, cool stuff! Check out this article.

I love it when bonsai artists do their own thing, follow their own creativity, and it works. One of his trees was in the Artisans Cup :grin:

Also, is @crust this David Crust? Because THAT is awesome if he is (fingers crossed)…

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Jorge, Tabitz Liang ganito yung banyan m. Hehe

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Yes, I am the crust.


Sweet! Man, your trees are so cool! I love how you do your own thing :grin: I’m glad we get to chat in the forum.

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Here’s a tree I recently put in my local clubs summer show. Thought it fit in here.

@crust from showing this tree I was informed of your work. Very beautiful, hope this isn’t biting too much of your style.


I love it GB. What did the club think? The public?
How long has it been in the shoe/skate?
The kusamono is very nice as well.

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Thank you! I received a lot of positive feedback from the club. I was prepared for a storm of negativity from the purists, but they kept their comments to themselves at least. Jennifer price was the show judge and she said she loved it, and awarded it an honorable mention ribbon! The tree has only been in the skate since this passed spring.

Love it @GrandpaBarg!
The play between stability and instability

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