"Cerebral larch" at national show

In the BSOP super critique, if I recall correctly, Ryan alluded to a “cerebral” larch from Canada that he admired very much. Does anyone have a link to a picture of that tree? I can’t seem to find it in any of the exhibition reviews that I can find online. Thank you!


My Google search isn’t turning up any larch bonsai that resemble brains.


You may be referring to David Crust’s larch potted in a Hoover vacuum cleaner. It was in the Artisans’ Cup. He’s from northern Minnesota.

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thar she blows! (or sucks?) vacuum humor. :slight_smile:


It was in the 2018 US National exhibition, a larch from Canada with “horrific inverse taper.”

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Not this one, a larch in the 2018 national exhibition. Walter Pall has a wonderful essay on this dada-esque vacuum tree, though!

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