White bracket type fungus on juniper

Hi everyone. I have this great juniper that is being eaten by a white fungus on the trunk. I have treated with multiple anti-fungal over the past 2 years. Every time I think I have taken care of it it comes back. Any suggestions?

Try using a scrubbing brush and washing up liquid to physically remove it.

You might want to scrub it with hydrogen peroxide once it is clean since that is a good topical antifungal treatment. You might need to do it a few times as the remaining spores germinate. The are commercial peroxides for treating plant fungus issues, but they are only a bit stronger than standard 3% hydrogen peroxide once they are diluted for use. You can use a little strong solution, but stay away from the very strong solutions (>50%) since they are strong enough oxidizers to ignite things like leather and most likely wood.