Where to go with this Tai Hei black pine

The tree in question is this Tai Hei black pine. I’m not very familiar with this cultivator, but know it has plenty of growing to do, and it was grafted in 2014. My original plan was to use the vertical branch as a sacrifice, and the branch on the right to be the next leader. That leaves two branches on the left to chose as a first. With this being the original idea I’ve noticed plenty of buds forming on the sacrifice that could possibly be a new leader one day, and I’ve seen people that wire the lateral branch down to compact the design and use it as the apex. I’m fairly new in the bonsai game, and besides Mirai I’ve yet to find a club I can make it to. I have a decent understanding of horticulture, but lack design knowledge. So any one have any insight on this !



Try putting some movement into your sacrifice branch. It will look better whilst growing out and you may find you use it anyway as part of the final composition.