What's the right time to put this boxwood in to a bonsai pot

i got this boxwood from a garden centre and i am really looking forward to work on it. The spring is coming here in Australia and i am bit confused what should i do with this marital. The tree seems root bound and i wanna do some major pruning on the tree so is it ok to do these at the same time or which should i do first?!

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Hi @kaveesha
Most of my trees are from garden centres/ nurserys.
I start off by pruning out structural faults, then teasing out the roots and reporting with bonsai soil, but not a bonsai pot, go for something bigger, as you need to grow it out. Spring is good for repot.


Spring is indeed a great time to repot. Last spring I dug up about 60 boxwood from a hedge. I reduced the root mass to about 8 inches in diameter and on on several pruned off pretty much all the foliage and branching. All have come back super strong.

@kaveesha , how did the boxwood go this year?
I picked up one like it last fall ( USA, Pacific N W).
Stoaked to be going into spring.! I had several small local hedge boxwoods for years. Vole ate them(small mouse-like rodent) winter stored… wanted to start over!