What kind of animals are those?

My Acer Palmatum is just leaving out. And on the lower branches are these insects. Does anyone know what kind of insects those are and what I can do against it?

Thanks for any helpful tip


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Can you post a clearer picture, so we can zoom in?
At first glance I would say Aphids but it seems a bit early for them where I live.
Where are you located?

I live in Switzerland. I just washed them away with water. As I find more I will post them.

Aphids are my guess too.

Gross morphology suggests a planthopper or leafhopper (Auchenorrhyncha) which is a big group of sap sucking insects. Could get you closer with a decent photo.

my take is that if these are aphids, then you would have also infestation along other new growth around

yes aphids. Water blast or insect soap will take care of them.

Today I could only find a few.

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Do they move rapidly or sluggishly when disturbed?

sluggishly, if they move at all.

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In which case I retract my speculation that they are Auchenorrhynchids of some kind.

After spraying with an insecticide they are gone.

…that would do it.

Well, I would reason it depends on your spraying radius if they are really gone …