What happens if I de-candle Austrian Black Pine to stimulate back-budding on ONE branch?

I watched the two Mirai Live videos on Austrian Black Pine. It was interesting to hear the technique of de-candling in order to start the refinement process.

I was wondering what I should do if I have multiple branches on my ABP, where one is ready for refinement, but the other could use some developmental/structural work. If I de-candle all of the new candles which have hardened on one branch (but leave other branches’ candles in tact), how will the tree react? Will I get back-budding for that one branch? Or does the technique only really work if a significant total number of candles are de-candled in a growing season?

Additionally, on a side note, does anyone notice their ABP pushes candles out later than their other pines? I have a Scots/Mugo Pine which have needles that have started to harden, but this ABP’s candles aren’t really there yet.

I have heard Ryan say in many videos that a tree can be in multiple stages at one time. So you can have one branch in the “refinement” stage and another still in “structural” stage.

In general different branches on a tree can be in different stages but if only one branch is in refinement i would be careful. If you decandle only one branch you can put it in a really bad stage and weaken it. It’s up to you if you want to try it but me personally would wait till more branches are in refinement. If you just want to achieve more backbudding just wire the branches down and you will get more backbuds.