What do jou think about this?


Crab apple? Maybe a bit too tall/ conifer like?

@jvc What is the right bonsai?

It’s coming along really nice. Over the next couple of years reduce the lower foliage to reveal more trunk and nebari. Also grow the upper branches out more so you can create the in/out movement to make it look more natural. At the same time as this you will be increasing the ramification on all branches. In three years you will have a stunning Bonsai…

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we call it cydonia sinencis.

How amusing…
I have three gallons of processed quince juice waiting to be made into jam… from orchard trees.
I used to have a Chinese quince bonsai. Didnt take to a pot well…

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Hi @jvc Did you see the stream on pruning Cydonia in the fall? It’s in the deciduous section. I know it’s a different variety but it’s well worth watching.


Hi,no I haven’t.I looked it up,thanks for the tip