Wedge cut on elongating species?

Would it be safe to perform a wedge cut on a 1cm diameter Doug fir branch? It’s a little too stiff to get it to where I want it with wire. Safe, other ideas,…? I’ve done this successfully on ponderosas, but that’s all I’ve tried.


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Is it a wedge cut in the shoulder to raise or lower the branch? Or is this a wedge cut somewhere in the middle of the branch to get more dramatic movement?

Maybe a guy wire would work too. A wedge cut seems a little extreme fora. 1 cm branch.


Near the shoulder, to lower, hence the rigidity. It feels like it might tear if I just use a guy wire, but I could test it a little more.

Is there anything inherently dangerous for this type of species in particular?

I’ve asked this directly to Ryan. Wedge cuts are a pine only technique. There are some real limitations as to when they will be successful in pines. No go for junipers or elongating species.

But information and technical knowledge is always evolving… maybe you’ll pioneer something.

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I thought I recalled something along those lines. No barriers broken today, a guy wire was sufficient. First structural wiring of a Doug fir, I’ll cut back some of the extensions in spring 2022 when the back buds are pushed into needle mass.

I’ve wedge cut a small Blue spruce at the shoulder to bend up a new leader - no problem at all. I don’t think Ryan has tried it on elongating species.