My first wedge cut!

Just performed my first ever wedge cut on a Ponderosa Pine I collected in 2019 and potted up last year (missing the planting angle, of course). The tree had a very straight section of the trunk line that had to be bent and conventional bending wouldn’t bend the section enough for my taste. Luckily this part of the trunk was only a few inches in diameter and once I had cut the wedge it bent with minimal effort.

Before the bend:

After the bend:


Daft question, I am pretty sure I’ve got it right but is the wedge cut where the brown tape/mark on the top branch? Circled in red below.

The difference from the change is great! Hope it recovers well!

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Yes, the wedge cut is directly below the reddish gasket rubber protecting the bark from the wooden block used to better angle the wire holding the bend.

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Looks great!! Nicely done!

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