Wedge cut advice

Hey guys,

I’m thinking about doing a wedge cut on this jbp. It’s long and slender so I think a feminine literati would work well for a design. But I’ve never done a wedge cut before. I’d like to put the cut at the red line in order to have a significant bend onwards towards the trunk for the final apex.

Once the cut is made, what is the best way to hold the bend? Since the branch isn’t very think, should I rafia and use 4 gage to curl it in? Or is it just guy wire? It’s seems most wedge cuts are held together by just guy wire but since it’s a branch should I use rafia and wire instead?

You can easily bend that slender trunk :+1:t2:

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It feels pretty stiff, but I’d prefer trying vs wedge cut if possible. Would you use a combination of rafia, 4gage and guy wire to do it?

I would skip the rafia. You need to be able to see if the tissue is starting to separate on pines.


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MY opinion… cut the top right limb off. Put a #6 wire on the upper trunk, guy wire, and bend until you hear popping.
It would be a shame to lose all of the lower limbs just for a literati fetish. I like the main trunk and limbs the way the are… except that lowest left limb. Wire out, grow pads. Enjoy.

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Idk, I wouldn’t consider it a fetish. While the branching is good, the trunk is long and slender with subtle movement and almost no taper. Those were criteria Ryan gave for a good literati.

To move to Apex, do I just copy the question and create a new thread there or is there a functionality that would send the current thread over to there?


Not absolutely shure of proper way. Question for @Sam .
Will watch forum next week to hear answer!
(I THINK , just finger drag/copy your original post (including photo), open the new (next week) apex forum spot, and paste. I tried this sucessfully and deleated it.)

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I do! Can you wedge-cut a juniper the way you might a pine? Just wondering if that works as a cross-technique between species, or if it’s pine specific. I have an upright juniper trunk w tons of interior growth, but some of the branches could be bent. If wedge-cutting would work, I might try to salvage some branches that are already established to speed up the development process. Any thoughts on this? Sorry, not trying to change the subject off the pine, but just wondering.

I’m pretty sure it’s been said during one of the wedge cut streams that you do not do it on a juniper. This is for trees that can move resources laterally and do not tend to grow vein specific.


For big bends on junipers, check out the raffia stream.

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