Using the concept of the Vortex as a roadmap

I recently was rewatching the video on the Vortex and had a thought of using it as a “roadmap” of sorts to plot out where the trees in my garden currently exist and how far out they are from the next “stage” I added some “phases” prior to entering since this is where the bulk of my material currently exists. Going through this activity and walking through my garden made me realize I have several “failed” initial stylings that have no discernable design direction and have been set back 2+ years from where they were when I purchased:/
Suggestions welcome!


This is a good model to move it from a conceptual model into a visual que sheet. I can tell you I had the same experience with several trees…what was I doing with this. I think that’s okay or actually a sign of progress. I paint and do woodworking as well and I have had that moment in all mediums. Those ones are not alive so I let them be as journal entry s…with the trees I put one back in the ground and am forgetting about it for a few years the other I am going to see it through as an activity to make it as good as I can given where I am

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I like it. I am going to study it a bit and see if I can use it or a version of it with our local club.