Unseasonably Warm Weather

My trees are misbehaving-- We had one extreme cold spell that lasted for two days, which forced my trees into the greenhouse. Now the weather is above normal. My Chinese elms, trident maples and junipers are all pushing new growth. How do I manage this, understanding that, while the forecast is for above normal temperatures, there is always the chance of another hard freeze? I am in Zone 8, Dallas TX USA.

Texas Ebony (Evergreen)

Chinese Elm (Deciduous)

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It’s a difficult one, I mean that’s not just the leaves beginning to open, but it’s in full leaf! What I would do is put them back in the greenhouse during the freezing spell then bring them back out once it’s warmed up.

we get weather like this pretty typically and for the trees with more value I put in my garage, the others I put grouped together on the floor of the balcony. I suppose if it got really chilly I could cover them with a blanket. But the cold snaps at this time don’t last long. I would think the Texas Ebony would be ok as long as it’s just a short, light frost, maybe just take it off the bench those nights, especially if it’s been outside all year. The elm… I would probably shelter from frost. Good luck with a seasonal shift we’re all expecting :grimacing:


We’re all hoping for no late freeze this year :slight_smile: If it does happen, I’ll do the bonsai shuffle.

Here is a pic of my January greenhouse.

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