Chinese Elm Repot

Hello everyone,

While checking my trees that are in my garage over winter i noticed my chinese elm already pushing buds… we had a period of warmer temperetaures the last few days and the forecast is for temperatures up to 10 degrees celsius during the day for the next few days.

The elm is in need of repotting this year and now i am wondering if i should already repot it. Seeing as it is pushing some buds already. I find it really early beginning of february but id want to listen to what the tree dictates. What do you guys think?

Ill add a picture later.

Thanks for any help.

I would repot and be prepared to keep it from freezing the rest of the winter. Repotting will slow the bud opening a bit as well which will hopefully allow you to have it outside in the sun part of the time.

As promised a few pictures

It hasnt exploded yet but still a lot more than a few days ago.

It has been done:



What do you guys think? Any advice how to get rid of white stains on the pot? Camelia oil maybe?