Ume flower bud break

dear all,

We have had 3 very mild winters so far in Berlin, it has rarely been below freezing for more than a couple days and in 2017 year we had a rose bloom in the garden in December.

I have a white Japanese import Ume which always seems to flower early and the first bud broke last year in December. the photo here is from the January 11th 2020 and it has again started on Jan 1st.

Oddly enough I have another one which I am field growing since 2013 and it held its leaves until December 30th.

all the rest of mine are pink flowers (about 6 trees) loose leaves in November with flower bud break at end January beginning February. These 6 were either field grown by me from Chinese cuttings or Japanese imports.

wondered when yours open where you are?

I assume the flower bud break in Dec/January of the one Ume is due to global warming (we have that here unlike the US because Merkel belives in it where as Trump does not :slight_smile: )


same climate as you but my ume buds are still fully closed. This is a garden tree though.

Mine is fully open. Andalucía Spain.


Still some more days to go for mine.


Humm…does that mean we get Spanish Weather in Berlin now? then I save money on vacation…
Nice tree, I see there seem to be better Ume to be had in Italy and Spain…harer to get good quality imports in Germany…llegaly anyway… I had an 80cm trunk fall by accident in my Suitcase whilst in Shanghai a few years back…

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I‘m glad other people seem also to be accident prone. Was fearing I had a rare condition.

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Some Hume work today to improve some pretty rough old wounds.


Did cheat and took them inside

Not bad…I have had only 3 out of multipul cuttings survive. Have better luck with Air layer and ony one faile there. (hope I did not curse it)

when you you take them and what is the process you are using?

they were just by products of removing the weak pieces along the stem of our proper (as in trees in pots are not proper … ; ) ume. That is the one to provide the ume for our ume boshi the coming seasons. I just thought rather give it a try if i have them anyway.

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